RRCA Vermont 10K Masters Championship

The Crowley 10K Championships is the oldest point to point 10K in the east. This year is the 47th anniversary of this popular race and the Crowley is hosting the RRCA 10K Eastern Championships. This 10K started 91 years ago.  (Go to History).

The 10K is a beautiful race for runners of all levels, with something for every style of runner. As Bill Rodgers, Olympic runner, so aptly puts it, “This race is a hidden gem with so much history attached to it.  It’s a great course for all runners, and I love to run it.” Bill discovered this race four years ago and continues to run it every year. Just imagine a beautiful, cool summer morning, running along the foothills of the majestic Green Mountains. You will lose yourself in the serenity of the lush, green pastures, marble bridges, quaint villages, waterfalls; then, to be awakened by cheering spectators, who cheer you forward to the finish line. What an experience for the lover of the art of running!

The starting line for the 10K is in the quaint New England village of Proctor, Vermont, know as the marble capitol. Runners meet on the Proctor Green next to the Vermont Marble Company and Museum. As the gun signals the start of the race, runners take themselves across the beautiful, white marble bridge, pass along the beautiful countryside, and end crossing the finish line in downtown Rutland.

Join us in the 47th anniversary celebration of the 10K, and help in the fight against cardiovascular disease, our country’s #1 killer.

Start Date: Sunday, June 9, 2024
Time: 8:00 A.M.

Due to insurance policies, no strollers, bluetooth, earphones or animals (dogs, etc.) are permitted on any of the courses.

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